Aquariums in Decor – See Tips and Environments with These Proposals!

If a painting has a great decorative power in a wall / environment, imagine an aquarium that every hour is one way!

However, in addition to the beauty, attractiveness and tranquility that an aquarium confers on the environment, it is also important to highlight that it is not just a decoration but a place for living beings – fish and plants that are quite fragile and by the way need care with food, cleanliness and comfort!

Therefore, although its use in décor is closely associated with sophistication / refinement, it is essential that it is associated, above all, with the owner’s tastes – and in every way!

fish tank

There are two types of aquariums: marine and freshwater!

  • The marine / saltwater aquarium is usually more expensive and laborious as it usually needs to be professionally installed and needs extra care to keep the water healthy for fish / plants.
  • The freshwater aquarium is the most used and the cheapest because freshwater animals are easily found and the ph of water is usually simpler to control.

In décor they can be used in a variety of ways as they suit different sizes and shapes – from a small 10 liter aquarium that can be used on a fish tank coffee table, set up, bookshelf to a larger 1000 liters that can be used in a wall or cupboard!

Decorative elements of the aquarium itself such as natural or artificial plants, stones, colors and lighting are also chosen to get well together with the décor of the environment (there are people who also choose the color of the fish for this purpose, but for me it is like more decoration than fish!).

And to illustrate, you can select various environments such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms with various models of aquariums!

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