Don’t Ignore Strange Noises From Your Garage Door Opener

Has your garage door opener started making weird sounds lately? Chances are there’s an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before it causes bigger problems or safety concerns. As annoying as the noise may be, don’t ignore it – act fast by assessing the source of the strange sounds and getting any necessary Garage Door Opener Repair Chester done right away.

The Squeaks and Groans

Squeaking or creaking noises when the door is opening and closing could indicate worn rollers, hinges or tracks that need lubricating or replacing. Loud grinding or clicking sounds may point to problems with the chain, gears or motor. Both situations will likely get worse over time if not fixed.

Strange Stops and Starts

If the door occasionally reverses direction or stops mid-cycle for no clear reason, there could be an issue with the photo eyes, sensors or controller board. Make sure nothing is obstructing the light beam between the photo eyes. If the problem persists, it’s time for a professional inspection and repairs.

Odd Delays in Motion

Excessive lag when the door starts or stops moving may mean the motor is straining and on its last legs. The gears could also be damaged or out of alignment. Replacing worn parts now can prevent more serious downtime or accidents down the road.

Loose or Detached Components

Listen for any rattling, banging or parts dragging on the tracks that shouldn’t be. Also check for any cables, springs or mounting brackets that appear loose, cracked or disconnected. These types of physical faults need to be strengthened before safety issues arise.

Don’t risk putting off addressing noises or inconsistencies from your garage door opener. Strange sounds are its way of signalling trouble is brewing under the hood. The longer minor problems go unfixed, the more extensive repairs could become. Consult a qualified pro right away for an assessment and recommended solutions tailored to your specific unit and situation. With a little preventative maintenance, your opener can run smooth and reliable for many years to come.