Four tips to decorate your living room

If you look at different parts of your house, the living room is one area that needs to be cozy and comfortable. Thus, before you start decorating your living room, you have to throw all heavy furniture out. Big wardrobes and closets would make your room look small and less comfortable. Given below are four tips that you can use to decorate your living room in the best way.

1. Keep the furniture close

A living room mainly has couches, chairs and table in terms of furniture. To make the overall appearance cozy, you should try and keep the furniture close. In addition to that, avoid heavy wooden furniture in the living room. You can choose couches with heavy cushioning instead of wooden chairs.


2. Choose a soft color combination

Dark shades are never recommended for a living room and this is what you need to remember when you are decorating your living room. If you have dark colored walls, the first thing that you need to do is change the color theme. Use colors like off white and lavender to give a fresh feel.

3. Do not overstuff the room with rugs

There is no doubt that a comfortable furry rug gives a comfortable relaxing feel to the living room. This does not mean that you should place a rug at every empty floor area. One rug in the center of the room is more than enough. If you like sitting on the floor, place few square shaped cushions along with it. If you want to give a more casual feel to your living room, you can also place a bean bag.

4. Sufficient lighting

Do not use too many white lights in your living room. Instead, you can place table lamps with milky lights. Even if you want your living room to be bright, you can have wall fitted lamps with milky lights which can lighten the entire room.