How to Improve Home Comfort with Central Heating and Other Upgrades?

It is that time of year when everyone wants the warmth. That’s right, heated homes in cold weather. It is nearly impossible for anyone to survive the winters of the UK. In most of the cases, people prefer to have a small heater placed alongside to keep warm. But for larger households and bigger families having a central heating system is a must. 

Improve Home

In recent years, energy bills have surged and it may disturb your budget every month. Getting a central heating system for your home is nearly impossible with limited finance. However, there is one way to get it free of cost. Don’t be surprised because the government of the UK has come up with a plan to reduce carbon footprint and fuel poverty to zero. For this reason, they have introduced first time central heating grant, which can be applied by UK homeowners. However, there are some prerequisites to apply and qualify for the free grant. To learn more about it, visit the link for details. 

There are some tried and tested ways to make your home comfortable with central heating and other home upgrades. Let’s dive into it and see how you can do that. 

Install a Smart Thermostat 

You have a new central heating system installed in your home. Everything is working perfectly. But when it comes to controlling temperature and providing comfort at a particular time of the day when cold is severe, a smart thermostat can be helpful. 

Instead of using a traditional old-fashioned thermostat, go for a smart one as it learns about your behavior at different times of the day. During evening and night when the temperature drops, a smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the room. Once the temperature is maintained, a smart thermostat will turn off the central heating system. 

Prevent Vent Blockage 

It is presumed that closing the vents will help you save money on energy bills by not heating the unused areas. Your central heating system is designed to fit your home needs. No matter, how many vents are open, the central heating system will use the same amount of heat to keep you warm and comfortable. 

The majority of people close the vents completely, which may result in overburdening your heating system. It may result in higher energy bills and cause damage to the heating system. The ideal way is to close vents partially so that hot air can flow into the right areas. Make sure to keep the vents open at least 25%. 

Use Door Draft Stopper

Cold air can easily pass through doors and result in hot air loss. However, to prevent cold air from entering your home, you can use a door draft stopper. Door drafts are normally made of fabric filled with sand. Keeping them in front of doors will stop cold air from entering in. 

You can also make your own door draft by cutting the fabric according to the length of the doorway. Sew the fabric into a long tube and fill it with any material. You cannot stop the cold breeze from entering the room when the door is completely open. But will prevent it when the door is closed. 

Change Your Filter Regularly 

The central heating system improves the quality of air indoor. It is because the filters used in the heating system prevent dust particles and debris from entering your home, making it clean and pure. However, to make your heating system work efficiently and for a longer period, change the filters every month or two. It will prevent blockages and keep your indoor air pure and clean. 

Despite changing the air filter regularly, air pollutants and dust can accumulate in the ductwork. You need to clean your air ducts regularly as well to avoid dust particles entering and circulating in your house. 

Increase Ventilation 

Cold weather is humid and you may not open the door to avoid heat loss. However, you need to ensure that there is some kind of ventilation to let fresh air in. For instance, you can use a dehumidifier, ceiling fan, or energy recovery ventilator (ERV). 

The Energy Recovery Ventilation recycles your conditioned air and pulls fresh air from outside. While the dehumidifier makes the fresh air damper and brings fresh air without humidity. However, the easiest and most effective way to ventilate is by using a ceiling fan to circulate the hot air. All of the methods will help you to keep your home ventilated environment fresh. 

Summing Up

Upgrading your home central heating system will surely pay you over the years. Not only in terms of money but also to improve the overall quality of living and keeping the environment free from pollutants and greenhouse gases. Moreover, it is a great investment to help you save on energy bills that are a big burden on your budget.