How To Know If I Have The Contaminated Soil NY?

If you are willing to make a garden in your house, then it is obvious that you are excited to use the fancy tools and get your hands dirty. However, before starting the work, it is necessary to know whether or not you have contaminated soil, NJ in your garden or construction site.

How To Know If I Have The Contaminated Soil NY?

If you are making a new house on an industrial site where there has been demolition previously, it is better to have the soil tested by hiring the services of an expert enviro recycling group. It is especially necessary for urban areas where there has been a long history of demolition or construction.

Sometimes, without testing it, you can come to know that the soil is contaminated. If you are digging up and begin to discover old materials, you should stop and call a qualified soil tester immediately.

The harmful chemicals and toxins in the old substances could cause harm to you. If you want to build a house near an airport or industrial or manufacturing area, before starting the construction process, you should have the soil tested.

All of these sites are the hotspots of polluted soils due to chemicals, so you should not take the risk.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire the services of a professional Soil disposal Company NY for soil disposal, NYC.

Follow these tips to test the contaminated soil yourself.

  • Take small samples of soil from different areas in your garden by using the spade.
  • Mix the soil in a box and remove all the rocks, leaves, and roots. Now, shift one glass of soil mixture into a plastic bag and seal it properly. The sample should be dry, but if it is wet, don’t dry it on a stove because it will affect the readings.
  • Now, send the bag to the soil testing company, after 3 to 6 days, you will get the results.

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