How to Tell If Your Garden Soil is Healthy?

What’s crucial in raising carefree, healthy flowers and vegetables? Healthy soil. How can one tell if their soil is healthy? A soil test. If you’re struggling with your soil and don’t know about the root cause of the problem, you should consider sending a soil sample test to a credible lab serving your area to get in depth analysis of your soil. Companies like Enviro-Disposal Group can help you fix your contaminated soil. All you need is to contact them to know about all your available options. However, you can also perform a soil test to see if your soil is healthy. Let’s find out how to test soil;

How to Tell If Your Garden Soil is Healthy?

Soil Structure & Tilth

When your soil is neither too dry or nor too wet, dig a 10-inch deep hole. Take an intact part of the soil, (which should be equal to the size of a soup container) and break it part using your fingers. Decide if the soil is powdery, cloddy, or granular. If your soil is hard or contaminated, you need to take necessary measures to prevent it from becoming worse.

Compaction Test

You can also test your soil through another test called compaction, in which you need to plunge a wire flag into your soil at multiple locations. Note the depth where wire bends. The later it bends the softer your soil. If your soil allows penetration up to 1 foot or higher, it means your soil is ideal and healthy.

If your soil is contaminated and hard, you should replace with one new to improve your garden’s growth. There’s no point in sticking to a contaminated soil and waiting for a miracle to happen. You should contact companies like Enviro-Disposal Group as soon as you encounter problem in your soil.

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