Is Your Garage Door Not Closing Properly? Here’s Why

Are you having an automatic garage door that doesn’t close properly? Are you compromising your security? If your door doesn’t close, there are lots of minor troubles that may be causing the issue.

Therefore, you should hire a garage door service for in-depth inspection and repair. To help you understand why your door is not closing, we have crafted this post.

Garage Door Repair Sutter Creek, Taft Mosswood

Photo eye blockage

If you are using a modern door, it may be having two photo eye sensors that will not allow the door to close when there is an object in the door’s path.

If any object is blocking the sensors or there is dirt build-up, the door will not close.  So, before hiring a garage door repair Sutter Creek service, clean the photo eye.

The opener is faulty

Are you using the opener within the range of your door, but it is refusing to close? Then, it might be the right time to fix the garage door opener.

First, verify if the batteries are working and then test the antenna on the opener’s motor to find out if it is damaged or blocked. If it’s damaged, hire garage door opener replacement Taft Mosswood service.

The limiter needs to be adjusted

The limiter controls the speed and movement of the door. If its settings are not correct, the door will refuse to close properly.

To reset it, find out the limit switch adjustment dial. If the door doesn’t open, adjust it up, but if it doesn’t close, adjust it down. Make sure to make tiny changes to avoid over adjustment.

Test the tracks

If the tracks are misaligned, the door will not close. If you notice weird noises, it is obvious that there are some issues with the tracks. Therefore, you should hire a garage door company.

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