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The selection of the right pest control solution may not seem to be as difficult as it should be. You may find that as a normal consumer, you may have had the experience of shopping for pest control products with only one goal in mind: to kill roaches hiding in the cupboard or get rid of those trail of ants that have been bugging you for weeks. Common pest control solutions that you may have purchased will include the ever-popular aerosol cans of insecticide, poison traps.

Although the mentioned products are excellent pest control solutions for instant elimination of pest, you may be left with unpleasant spoils of war, i.e. carpets and curtains soaked with pungent insecticides, a trap full of shrunken roach carcasses. In other extreme cases, you may have ended up with a dead pooch or a dead kitty that couldn’t resist the bit of bait that was used in a poison trap.

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These products are also often advertised as a panacea for all your pest problems, where a simple spray in a room will rid the area of all ants, roaches and mosquitoes. This is extremely untrue in most circumstances, where insecticides often provide only short-term relief from the pests that they are supposed to kill. These insecticides usually fail to rid an area of pests completely because: –

Mosquitoes, roaches and ants are often able to vacate the area sprayed with insecticide before they are affected by the chemicals

Some pests build a resistance to insecticides over time when they survive an attack

Therefore, we can see that the pest control products we see on shelves today are not anywhere near as effective as they claim. These products fail to address the most important issues in controlling and/or killing pests such as: –

Finding out the source of the pest problems

Solving the problem at the source

Making sure that there are no survivors or successors that will produce a new generation

Digging deep into nooks and crannies where the smarter roaches hide and breed

Using knowledge of the pests’ biological and habitual factors in crafting the appropriate pest control solution

Being experts in our field, here are what we think to be the ultimate quintessential guidelines to follow when selecting the most appropriate pest control solutions.

  1. Identifying the Type of Pest

Contrary to the universally-remedial insecticides out there, there is often no such thing as a standard poison that will kill any type of pests. You may have often been misled by pictures of mosquitoes, ants and roaches on the cans of insecticide that you buy, which, often prove ineffective when you have to practically empty half a can of insecticide to drown a roach instead of letting it die due to the effects of the chemicals.

We stress here that such insecticides are not effective. When selecting pest control products, you have to make sure that you select appropriate solutions for the right bug. Here at Pest Control London, we have a specialized pest control solution that deals with individual pests effectively by applying the knowledge of the pest’s biological and habitual factors into our pest control solution.

  1. Extermination vs. Warding

With the wide variety of pest control products out there, you are often given only choices between instant extermination of pests in visual contact, and warding (preventive) pest control solutions that may be based on a constant smell hanging around the house or a piece of equipment that transmits low-frequency electric waves that drives pests away. Just imagine all the carpets and curtains soaked in poisonous insecticides, or the smell of chemicals wafting through the air. More extremely, imagine the low-frequency transmitters frying your brains and organs with electric waves at a low but steady rate meant to drive out pests.

The verdict: extermination and warding solutions may be effective, but unsafe. You need a solution that is both effective and safe, and that solves pest problems at the roots of their causes. For this pest control solution, you can find it here, at Fast Pest Control.

  1. Chemical Content and Safety

In terms of chemical content, you should choose pest control products that have chemicals that are strong enough to be lethal to bugs and that are safe enough for humans and pets that live in the house.

One of the most important chemicals to be avoided is N-N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET), as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has received reports on side effects or adverse reactions such as headache, nausea, seizures and fainting after the use of DEET on skin.

That is why we have created three Safe & Effective Pest Control Solution to fulfil the above requirements. All three of our pest-solution products are highly effective, easy to use, and above all, safe and free from DEET!

  1. Effectiveness of Extermination Method

When you think of pest control solution, you often think of insecticides and traps of poison with high levels of toxicity that will kill pests on the spot. Chances are, you will only kill the ones that got to the bait or trap without ever reaching the pests that are hiding in other nooks and crannies.

Therefore, you should choose a pest control solution that will help wipe out the rest in far-away nests. Choose a pest control product where the poison does not kill instantly but gradually, where the infected pests will spread the poison to other pests in the nests.

This is where we come in. With the use of biological knowledge and science, we have created unique pest control products that will solve your pest problems in the long term.

  1. Price to Performance

In terms of price to performance, your best choice of value-for-money pest control solutions may be solutions that deal with the source of pests directly. You may waste up to hundreds of dollars each month in buying and restocking cans of aerosol insecticides, refill cartridges for vapour-effect electronic devices and skin lotions for repelling pests. Those are not pest control solutions, as it is almost guaranteed that the pests will return after days or even hours of applying those pest control solutions.

What you need would be pest control solutions to get rid of pests with a long-term effect. By that, we mean months instead of just hours of living in a pest-free house with only a single application of our pest control solution. Check out our cost-effective pest control solutions that is worth your time and money!

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