Pressure Washing Tips to Prevent Harm

Want to Pressure wash your home? Do you have the equipment? If yes, and you have made the preparations, then start right off while keeping the following tips in mind. These tips will make sure you get the most out of pressure washing.


  • When you clean vertical surface, start with washing at the bottom and rinse from top down
  • Pressure washing Houston services always use a color coded nozzles which shows the narrow and force of a spray, you need to do the same. The white stands for 40 degree, green stands for 25 degrees, yellow stands for 15 degrees and, red stands for 9 degrees. Black means you are using a low pressure nozzle just to dispense soap
  • A basic rule, you better use the broadest yet low pressure nozzle for better cleaning. It narrows the nozzle so it won’t harm the surface you clean
  • You need to spray in inconspicuous area for testing the nozzle before you pressure wash anything. This will help you find if you are using the right nozzle or you need to work on your technique
  • You better hold the tip of nozzle at a high angle. Keep it above the surface you clean and away from the surface to avoid any damage
  • Avoid spraying the water behind and under vertical surface including lap siding and in light fixing. You will also need to protect other equipment such as air conditioning, electric outlets, attic vents etc
  • Try to keep the nozzle from moving as it makes the water cut into the surface
  • You will need to add a fuel stabilizer to gas before you fill the pressure wash fuel tank is a Pressure washing service which adheres to all these precaution. The company ensures the well-being of your home and things while cleaning them. It uses careful techniques with latest equipment to ensure best results.

Pressure washing goes a long way toward helping you keep your place in the best form.  Always hire a professional and experienced pressure washing Denver, CO service provider.

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