Some things enhance the beauty of the city, museums are one of them. It is said that if you want to see the culture and tradition of any city, then visit its museum. It will show you the history, culture and tradition of the city. Dubai is great, with so many wonders and there is something strange about this city that people get attracted to it automatically.

Apart from its luxury and modern lifestyle, this city is also a melting pot for many cultures, also having a unique history. The city has open wide doors of opportunity for the job-seekers, investors, and also immigrants. They can check out Port De La Mer apartments for sale to make their living, as it is so amazing. Yet living needs some entertainment on the weekend, so visiting museums might be a unique experience.


The Dubai Museum, there are several reasons why a person should visit this museum, located on the Bur Dubai side, across Dubai Creek. Even if you are in a city for a day or two days, you should pay a visit to this location, as it is equally surprising as the other parts of the city.

Here are some reasons why you should pay a visit to the Dubai Museum


Fortunately, the area where the museum is situated is very least affected by the change of Dubai from the last 15 to 20 years, it is fortunate as the areas where these ancient buildings are built are more likely to be left unchanged. The maze of the narrow streets, bound by Al Fahidi Streets, Al Musalla Streets, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, and Al Nahda street, also you will witness some beautiful and colourful fabric shops, restaurants and cafes.

You can just spend an hour or two hours in the museum while the other times you can spend wandering around the streets, shopping, window-shopping, and enjoy the view of Dubai that you will probably not see in the modern side of the city.


Dubai Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Dubai, even it’s one section is from 1787 and was built as a landmark for the people, so they might not get lost in the mazy streets near the museum. If you are coming from the creek, then you can come here easily from either side of it. If coming from the Deira, then make your way towards the Abra Station and enjoy the best shops and market of Dubai with the best bargains.

A creek crossing by a wooden water taxi can cost you just AED 1, and when you are at the Bur Dubai Station, then walk for 150 metres and you are almost there. If coming from the Bur Dubai and have access to the Dubai Metro, then ride to the Al Fahidi Metro station, and within 9 minutes of a short walk of 750 metres, you will be there. In the hot months of Dubai, this short walk can even feel like burning your skin, so in that situation, you should take a taxi from the metro station, it will be cheaper for like AED 10.


It is just like the other museums in the world, consisting of old traditional things. On the outside, it displays a traditional dhow and the ancestor’s abra, which is electric-powered. The model of a Gulf Home is placed in the museum with wind towers. These wind towers were used in the old days of Arab as an air-conditioner and were considered to be the best options to beat the heat. When you will visit the museum and have a look up at the roof of the museum, you will witness some good artworks and the architectural designs of many buildings.

Dubai has something that attracts the whole world, it’s great buildings villas and apartments are something you must visit, if you are looking for a luxury living then we might suggest you check out the District One Dubai Villas for sale. Living in this city will give you a unique experience and a different exposure. The Dubai museum is one of those wonders of Dubai that you must not miss.