Should I Use Silicone Kitchen Utensils?

The cookware can be found in various materials such as aluminum, nylon, stainless steel, wood. But in recent years silicone kitchen utensils have been introduced in the market, and it has become increasingly popular in the kitchen.

Most silicone utensils have many advantages compared to other materials, the silicone is not abrasive, they are usually beautiful with flashy colors, they have high heat resistance, but it is best to check the instructions on the package and see how much temperature that utensil can handle, since we have different types of bread on the market, such as the hard bread that is usually used for sweets and cakes, and the spatulas we use for braising.

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But what makes these silicone cooking utensils so good for your kitchen? See below all the qualities of the silicone utensils.

Cleaning: The only warning at the time of cleaning is with the wooden handle, which should not go in the dishwasher but rather washed manually and dried immediately after washing. All others cannot be washed in the machine or manually and we recommend that at least once a week disassemble cable and base and leave the pieces of sauce in hot water with baking soda.

Caution: One thing we have to be careful of is that although tough is not iron so do not use to remove the condensed milk from the can, or anything that can take out splinters, you will not want your spatula to look like a toy dog.

Brands and Values: With silicone utensils, one may ended up getting stained with gravy. But it is surprising, because as you know that silicone utensils have never been stained, so we came to the conclusion that some brands may have a different reaction, because they are inferior quality to other brands. But which brand is good?

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