7 Bedroom Decor Ideas for Young Children

Bedroom decor is something many families and homeowners get excited about. They get to bring their version of the perfect bedroom style to life so that they can achieve a completely relaxed and comfortable living space in their house. Because bedroom decor is primarily down to you and your personal preferences, it means there are many unique designs that have been well published across the internet. What’s also intriguing about property owners is that for some, they may have children’s bedrooms in which they need to account for. This means families can design their children’s bedrooms in bright and funky ways to further bring character and personality to their house. As such, this blog article is going to reveal 7 bedroom decor ideas for young children to help you improve your home’s design.


Incorporate Family Memories

The first idea if you wish to achieve an aesthetically pleasing bedroom decor for your children is to incorporate family photos in the room. Family photos remind your child of who they are and where they came from, so having these hung up in a collage format on the wall can translate to immense pride for them. Similarly, the photos can be installed in spaces which may appear plain. What’s also beneficial about family photos is that they can be created in many shapes and sizes so no matter how limited or large the space in your children’s bedroom is, family photos can be sure to add personality and fill any empty voids in the room.

Create Privacy

It has been well documented that as kids grow up, they want more privacy and may need their own space, especially if they’re sharing a bedroom with a brother or sister. This is where creating a cosy reading tent/den or adding a row of curtains in your children’s bedroom can do wonders for the decor. By having the option for your children to read, wind down and relax, it will greatly benefit them and satisfy their privacy needs. Not to mention, curtains can be a suitable option to split siblings room sides apart and help them have their ‘own space’. Curtains can be purchased in many shapes, styles and sizes so there shouldn’t be any problems trying to match the new or already existing design of your children’s bedroom.

Choose Smart Storage

Smart storage is a perfect way to improve your child’s bedroom decor. Lets face it, there is bound to be a lot of clutter in the bedroom where your child has not put their toys away properly. As such, installing a smart storage component can mean you can take advantage of every storage opportunity. For example, fitted storage containers under your children’s bed reduces the need for toy baskets (or anything of similar nature) to take up valuable space in the bedroom. This can mean your child’s bedroom can feel more spacious and welcoming when someone enters it.

Stencil Your Walls

Use stenciled wallpaper to give your child a wall covering they will remember. You can even get very creative with this idea too. By adding sports related ideas, their favourite animals or even fairies, utilising stencils for your child’s room greatly adds to the decor. What’s more, wall stencils are not particularly expensive to purchase so it is a win-win for everyone. Furthermore, you can even get your child involved with the stencil drawings too which gives them a sense of accomplishment and further translates your child’s personality to their bedroom.


Colour it The Way Your Child Wants

If your child prefers the colour green, why not paint the walls and match the decor with their favourite colour? Not only will this please and excite your child, but it can provide a neutral and funky attire to the bedroom decor. Green can also represent nature, calmness and growth which can be translated onto your child. Other neutral colours to could consider include oranges, which represents a friendly, energetic style and yellows which expresses cheerfulness, joy and optimism.

Use Grey Bricks Slips

Grey is always a safe colour option to go with when decorating bedrooms. It’s cool, classic and will suit whichever vibe your child wants to create in their bedroom space. If your child wishes to have a more industrial feel, you could incorporate something known as brick slips. Brick slips are specially manufactured tiles, cut from the face of a brick, which when installed have the appearance of a real brick wall. If you were to combine this with the colour grey, you are left with a timeless shade that never will never go out of style. What’s more interesting is that brick slips aren’t just limited to a few set colours. They can be spayed with any colour your child desires. From baby pinks to darkened blacks, there are a whole range of styles you can utilise to match your child’s bedroom decor.

Embrace Nature

Perhaps your child may be slightly too young to fully understand the countless advantages plants have for home decor, but by incorporating them into your child’s bedroom, it will not only add a bit of colour, but it can be beneficial to their health. It was actually well documented that indoor plants:

  • Boosts individual’s mood, concentration and creativity
  • Help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen
  • Can come in many shapes and sizes to help match your bedroom decor.

Another major benefit of incorporating plants in your child’s bedroom is that plants subconsciously make people think of open spaces and the outdoors. Not only this, they can help relieve the stress of feeling boxed in and make your child feel more free, especially if you live in a busy city apartment. Just always remember to water the plants on a regular basis.